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    "Slayers" is a sword and sorcery fantasy series chronicling the adventures of a super powerful teenage sorceress named Lina Inverse . It made its debut as a short story series called "Slayers Special" written by Hajime Kanzaka with illustrations done by Rui Araizumi, followed by a series of "Slayers" novels. Later, a TV anime series was made based on the "Slayers" storyline and aired on Japanese television in 1995 as Slayers. Two more TV anime series have been made since, Slayers Next and Slayers Try. Slayers is basically divided into two storylines: Slayers and Slayers Special. In the Slayers series Lina's main companion is Gourry while in the Slayers Special series Lina travels with Naga . The Special (SP.) series describe the events in Lina's life which took place before those in the Slayers series, so Lina is younger in SP. For some reason, Naga disappears by the beginning of Slayers; I'm not sure why, but maybe we'll find out when Slayers SP. ends. SP. is serialized in the monthly Dragon Magazine; these are short stories by Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi which are later collected into the Slayers Special novels. The novels of the Slayers series consist of full novel-length stories with an ongoing storyline. There are currently 12 Slayers novels, 11 Slayers Special novels, 2 mini Slayers Delicious novels (which also follow the SP. storyline) as well as 6 MAGIUS Slayers RPG books. There is also one manga collection by Rui Araizumi and an ongoing Slayers manga series Chou-baku Madouden Slayers, currently 5 volumes long done by Shoko Yoshinaka. In addition to the TV anime series, there is a 3-part OVA series, Slayers Special, based on the SP. storyline. There have been 3 movies, Slayers, Slayers Return, and Slayers Great also roughly based on the SP. storyline. Art books, movie books, anime comics, and an assortment of anime guidebooks for both the Slayers and Slayers Next TV anime comprise the remainder of Slayers-related written media worth collecting. There's also a whole slew of character goods out there that serious collectors will probably want to check into. On the multimedia side, in addition to a multitude of anime LDs and soundtrack/image/drama CDs, there is a 5-part CD-ROM on the series called Slayers Digital Collection. Video games for the series also exist, most notably the RPG game for the Sega Saturn, Slayers Royal. AD Vision has picked up the rights to the OVAs and the first movie, so hopefully we'll be seeing these on the shelves soon! For those of you who have been wondering, currently all of this stuff is only available commercially in Japanese, with the exception of the first 13 episodes of the Slayers TV anime series. Though Software Sculptors has also recently obtained rights to the rest of the first series, they have not yet committed to a release date. However, there are several groups which have fansubbed some of the anime.


What is Slayers?

    Slayers began as a manga in the Japanese Dragon Magazine quite a few years back, as a short recurring serial. Eventually it developed into a manga (Japanese word for 'comics') series, and from there sprung off into three animated TV series (1995-1997), three motion pictures, three OVA units, and assuredly, much more to come. Not to mention the merchandising. :)

What's it about?

    Slayers takes place in a fantasy realm, where magic and swordplay are just as abundant as green grass and blue skies. (Well, use your imagination, those of you who live in the U.S. ;b) The main character, Lina Inverse, is an aspiring practitioner of black magic (and one of the stronger mages in the world at the time) who hops around the countryside looking for fun, and more importantly, profit. The series more or less focuses on Lina's exploits, going from town to town and punishing the bandits, as one of Lina's mottos goes, "No rights for the wicked." She's somewhat of a Robin Hood, except that she mugs the bandits and keeps their riches for herself. Over the course of her journeys, Lina meets up with a wide variety of different people, about half of which are out to get her for one reason or another, and the other half probably end up scarred anyways. And, well, Lina often attracts trouble in one form or another and ends up getting pushed into saving the (world, city, helpless kitty-kat) from total extinction. All in all, Slayers is a comedy and probably should not be taken so seriously as someone like me does, but hey, it's fun to watch.


    COMING SOON ! ^_^

This Anime On VHS:

Slayers Try Vol. 1: Majestic Journey Slayers Try Vol. 1: Majestic Journey

Released: 05/09/2000 Label: Central Park Media

And On DVD !!!
Slayers Try: DVD Collection Slayers Try: DVD Collection

Released: 04/10/2001 Label: Central Park Media

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