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RANMA        1/2

  The main hero of a serial - Ranma, young man perfectly owning martial arts, which casually has appeared is damned, when trained in China together with the father. While he will not find antidote, cold water transforms him into the girl, and hot - back in guy. And it yet everything, soon after that, the father of Ranma acquaints him with the old friend - Soun and three his doughters, and asks to choose him to choose from them to itself the bride. The most part of histories is based on martial arts, frequently of strangest styles or used in the most unusual situations. Besides, some more girl are interested Ranma, and someone from guys - his bride Akane, and as all of them - foreman of martial arts, results it in the most improbable collisions. "Ranma 1/2" is very ridiculous (though sometimes and serious) a comedy based on martial arts and jokes about a sexual question.
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