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Anime NET
   Idea of creation of a network like FIDO, but with completely narrow By line - *FOR the FANS OF ANIME ONLY* has arisen at me not casually. At first was simply thirst to look anime and was not perfect any Opportunities - at us in city on this theme in the afternoon with fire: ( So here, by getting in a network FIDO and some it by stirring up, I have found (by throwing in Local and other areas the description of film) in our city of the man, having by the cartridge the Project A-ko (that, itself, which I searched more than 10 years not knowing even the names). From him I have found out about existence of local anime club, which members communicated extremely by means of InterNet. Naturally thus quantity of the members especially not groving up, since even I, now write this site and sense I do not know when I can It to place. Also it is natural many fans tried to live in a network FIDO, BUT anything good from this at anybody has not left. The reason is simple - traditional FIDO's fucking talks: beginning from most ordinary - " Anime fans is degenerats, pederasts, pedophils, perverters " and even of such improbable fact, as the relation between fans - those to whom I talked unanimously approve, and I was convinced on own experience, that the metropolitan representatives as a matter of fact are not interested anime, but only try to humiliate recently got in a conference let even looking much more anime. In result I have come to a logical conclusion that it is necessary to create OWN network. In which not will be both first and second ones. By one of conditions of transfer in the network I has put SKILL TO DRAW, it is desirable in some styles of anime. Thus since me and other members of a network - we in the majority the people drawing anime.

  That I have achieved:
  •     Inside a grid anybody humiliates nobody.
  •     Everyone understand about what there is a speech.
  •     Wishing regularly are going on viewings of novelties.
  •     Exchange of cassetes / disks
  •     Conferences
  •     Interesting file conferences with the decent traffic.

  •   The NET's members:
        Alex Grinjuk         - Point of AnimeNet
        Alex Nikolaenko      - Point of AnimeNet
        Alex Stepanov        - Point of AnimeNet, club member
        Alexander Khazheev   - Point of AnimeNet, club member
        Alexandr Sokolovskiy - Nod of AnimeNet, club member
        Anthony Yezhkov      - Point of AnimeNet
        Dan Jarushin         - Point of AnimeNet
        Dasha Nesterova      - Point of AnimeNet
        Katrin Nesterova     - Point of AnimeNet
        Maxx Salnikov        - Point of AnimeNet
        Nickita Kazakov      - Point of AnimeNet
        Oleg Belemenko       - Nod of AnimeNet
        Rasya Salimov        - Point of AnimeNet
        Vladimir Shumilov    - Point of AnimeNet
        Sergey Barkov        - Nod of AnimeNet
        Anthony Kiryuschenko - NC of AnimeNet, club member


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