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GHOST        In The SHELL


In the near future, society has embraced the benefits of technology. Automation has taken hold in many aspects of every day life, and cyborgs aren't science-fiction any more. A great computer network encircles the globe and has rendered national borders obsolete. In this world, hackers are particularly dangerous as they can alter a person's 'ghost' (what others might call a 'soul') and create false memories remotely. After a translator to a high government official has had her ghost hacked, Major Motoko Kusanagi is assigned to find the hacker responsible...a mysterious hacker known only as 'The Puppet Master'. This will lead the cyborg on a journey where she begins to question what it means to be human. This movie is a mix of high action and introspection as it explores the impact of technology on humanity. The artwork for this movie is amazing as it depicts a bleak and sterile future. Watch for director Mamoru Oshii's trademark: beagles.

NOTE: Be warned. The character designs for the movie differ from those in the manga. Kusanagi isn't as cute as she used to be :(

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