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     Games. Yes it is not simple, but anime-games! The theme of games can devote the whole encyclopedia, But it is required not less places to describe section anime games in particular! For it is not simple games, and game created by those who has got used to make usual anime or manga. That is and these games at them turn out on all 100! That I managed to see, and I admit saw much, - anime games differed only on a degree programmer's "fitches", but absolutely everyone were with fascinating, sensual plot, magnificent graphics, without dependence from amount of the used colours and sanctions of the screen. Among games (including anime) I especially would allocate:

  •       Role (RPG) - their huge set. The Japanese firm SquareSoftware having made especially in due time has tried "Final Fantasy", - already on today if not I shall be mistaken 12 parts and each year occur all new! Personally I the very much balanced plot, on the present interesting, excellent(different) 3D of the diagram has passed VIII a part -, but could to be and it is better;) for 3D in anime as it seems till now thing still poorly got accustomed. And, as tradition in similar games the main hero has a set of any certain skills, which are necessary for developing for achievement of the purposes in game.
           Below I have hung up for downloading game " True Love ", where the main hero - student, which is let out this year and was set by the purpose to find "Unique". The good graphics, there is a lot of hentai, sensual music, which creates unique aura to this game and entertaining plot make this game very even good.
    True Love

    "True LOVE - arch volume1"(2 Mb, SFX)
    "True LOVE - arch volume2"(2 Mb)
    "True LOVE - arch volume3"(864 Kb)

  •       Adventure - well it in general huge field for activity. Playing them can be Is shipped in the completely special world. This world can be naive and pink as Summer vacations at the grandmother in village or absolutely on the contrary. Especially in the people the similar games, which are liked Are as much as possible approached to a reality, BUT some important things are changed. Playing such game the man begins To think as the main hero for which he plays, begins to feel, to experience and to empathize. Friendship, Love, Hatred, Despair, Fear, - he should go through all this in the best degree. Frequently begin is angry on The fact that can not stretch a hand through glass of the monitor further - " AND TO TRIM THAT BUSTARD THAT OF A DRAIN BAD HAS MADE TO MY FAMILY " - completely associate of the people in game as the family or friends / liked:) As to speak, other time seeing something bitter involuntarily make my cry and on the contrary - from something good. For I shall repeat - in similar anime games all emotions up to a limit is heated.
           One of such games - " a History of Three Sisters " I have hung up below for downloading. In this game 2 brothers were set by the purpose to revenge for death of the father one man, which ruthlessly has destroyed reputation and business of their father, who, cause of all that perform suicide. The younger brother (our hero) the age 18 years - was settled near to the house of their enemy with the purpose of shadowing and informing to the grown-up. But suddenly their enemy has disappeared, on seen simply has run away. In the house have remained to live of a current three his daughters, and the senior brother - has decided of time so, revenge will be continued, but already in relation to them! The average sister was of the same years as our hero and him "girlfriend", for already in the beginning of game we see that our hero does not want by him to revenge and in all bad that occurs to these girl blames of a current itself and brother. He hates himself for lie, which is compelled by him to speak each day. The senior sister for one year him was more senior and third - for one year is more younger. These three for that year that he has carried out living in the next house concern to him, as if he a part of their family... He each day is set to himself by a question - HOW MUCH I STILL I CAN LIE TO MYSELF AND THEM?! When his senior brother declares to our hero that has decided to humiliate them before the most disgusting existence, younger has declared that will not allow it! In game as you already see incredible twirled story, EXCELLENT graphics, there is enough hentai, it is a lot of music absolutely precisely passing emotion occurring on the screen. MY choice.
    Three Sisters Story
    "Three Sisters Story"(2,8 Mb, zip)

  •       3D Action - New phenomenon in the world anime games. More often from other games of a similar sort anime 3D of game differ by the same attributes - excellent plot, bright beautiful graphics and good music. Some of them to a lesser degree pass cruelty of action-games others can surpass all frameworks, as in bloody film-hits.
           To the first category the game "ONI" concerns, but its this small lack is with interest compensated excellent animation the characters - "vivacity" of their behaviour, huge set of movements / punches / kicks and other that is very entertaining to observe on the screen :)

    "Demon" - demoversion (70,3 Mb, OpenGL API)
  • ONI

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