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Video Girl    Ai
aka: Denei Shoujo Ai

Author: Masakazu Katsura (Shuueisha)


Video Girl Ai (Amano) .. Megumi Hayashibara
Yohta Moteuchi ......... Takeshi Kusao
Moemi Hayakawa ......... Yuri Amano
Takashi Niimai ......... Kouji Tsujitani
Manager of Gokuraku .... Kenichi Ogata
Ai's Creator ........... Hirotaka Suzuoki

   One day, Yohta is walking home. He's just been told that the girl he likes - Moemi likes Takashi . Trying to cheer up, he rents an 'explicit' video tape from a wierd rental shop, and when he plays it, VideoGirl Ai pops out of his screen to comfort him. Unfortunately, Yohta's VCR is on the blink, and Ai appears minus a large part of her bosum, and with a new and dangerous mischievous personality...

Release Info:

   1992 year, 6 part OAV.

   Attention: This Is "Must Seen" Anime!

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