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Leon McNichol ............ Toshio Furukawa
Gina Marceau .............. Youko Matsuoka
Vanessa Buck ............... Emi Shinohara
Hyde Kashew .............. Kiyonobu Suzuki
Phantom Lady   (File 1) .... Youko Asagami
Caroline Evans (File 2) ......... Mika Doi
Youko Takagi   (File 3) .. Sakiko Tamagawa
AD Police

    This is an OAV series concentrating on the AD Police first seen in "Bubble Gum Crisis" , a few years before the first appearance of the Knight Sabers. The stories have the AD Police dealing with more mundane crimes and more thought provoking conflicts. A common character with "Bubble Gum Crisis" is a young Leon McNichol. Recently consisting in police, he already could show himself as the diligent officer, Which can charge serious operations on neutralization of every possible criminals. He never will become to shoot, if his life are not threatened with rather serious danger. One of him weakness is the desire showing on public, what not of time already nearly did not cost To him of life, when for example he by hiding a pistol was threw by naked hands to neutralize berserked cyborg... It is possible to consider Lyon lucky, therefore as all these him causes to him still happy end, therefore as each time somebody helped him, whether it be arrived reinforcement or "casually" taking place by his partner , skilled officer, rather serious girl. She with by cold character counterbalances of our Lyons. Her feature - in the beginning of the police career has lost the right hand, but has got rather quite good, let and not last achievement of a science, but by rather practical powerful artificial limb.
    File 1: Leon is fighting against a prostitute Booma. . Severely injured, he defeats it. The Booma returns to his life when its parts are reused and she begins killing her clients.
    File 2: This is a "what makes us human" story when a series of "Jack the Ripper" style slayings take place.
    File 3: A story dealing with our own humanity as a police officer is turned into a 'Robocop' type of Booma...replacing everything except his brain and tongue.


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